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[Owner] volcanicer a posted 4 hours ago

Hey guys, as you may or may not have heard yet, my second Owner account, KawaiiFerret was mysteriously hacked. While eating dinner, I was noticing a large amount of Skype messages from the staff team, and once I saw them, I was terrified.

I want to say sorry for any trouble that was caused and I have taken action to secure my account(s) to make sure this doesn't happen again. I want to say thank you to Paatrickk and WindWall for staying calm while the greifing and banning and the Inappropriate spam happened. 

I have unbanned all players affected by the hacking and I will be hosting a Rank and Key giveaway on the server starting tomorrow. If you are worried that your private information such as email, IP, and passwords are alright and secure, they are. No accounts were affected in the long-run. I am extremely sorry for what happened. Everything was fixed and the server is back to being a family-friendly enviroment and a place for players to hang out.

SIDE NOTE: I am working on some special updates that I think many will enjoy!

~ Owner, Head Of Staff, Developer - volcanicer


DaPigPlayz a posted Jan 3, 17


That's right! ImprisonedMC has gotten a brand new name we will now be refered as ZodiacMC! We are an OP Factions Server with custom enchants. We hope to be a server where all players can enjoy themselves, while maintaining a PG enviroment for players of all ages. Our staff team tries their hardest to be professional and keep the server family friendly (staff list below).

We hope to see you around. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please use /ticket on the server and we will get right to you ASAP. Thanks for playing!


IP: ZodiacMC.US


Staff List

Owner/Founder- DaPigPlayz

Owner/Head of Staff- volcanicer

Staff Managers- HiLex, PinkyGirlPie (for now)

Head-Admin- Hyxena

Administrators- _Fxlicity

Moderators- WindfallFTW, JaggerMeSwagger

SandTrooper101 ~Requesting update of the staff list.
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